Moving Out; Moving On

“Home is where the heart is. Even if you can’t remember which box you packed it in.”

I can’t find who to attribute that quote to, but I found while looking up quotes related to moving. I am, as the astute may have gathered by now, preparing to move from my one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom house. I honestly can hardly wait for it to be made official . . . for the last boxes to be moved over, the last papers signed.

Truthfully, I’m actually getting a bit ahead of myself. The house that I and my other are moving into is still being renovated. We won’t be able to even begin moving things in for another two weeks – which is when the landlord expects everything to be wrapped up in terms of improvements. It is getting wood floors, fresh paint, custom cabinets, new appliances, and new windows. Though built in the 50’s, it will be new for us.

I didn’t anticipate being able to move this quickly. Technically, our lease isn’t up until the end of the year. That said, our landlords have already broken it in several small ways and we don’t expect a fight when we let them know we’ll be moving out. Worst case scenario, we will continue to pay the rent until the lease is up, because we really don’t want to miss out on the chance to rent the house we’ll be moving in to. It isn’t that the house is perfect for us . . . it’s just that there’s no denying the pros of it.

Here, by the way, is our pros and cons list.


  • 3 bed/2 bath – extra space for guests/office
  • Garage and paved parking
  • Shed and carport for extra storage
  • Wood/tile floors throughout
  • Open living/dining/kitchen floor plan
  • Dedicated laundry room with more storage
  • Screened in porch off the living room
  • Large, fenced back yard
  • Close to shopping and our jobs
  • We know and trust the landlord


  • The master bedroom is small, compared to what we have now
  • Despite all the upgrades, it doesn’t have central AC or heat
  • The next door neighbor is a hoarder and her front yard is . . . messy
  • While still close to where we work, it does add about ten minutes to our drive
  • It is at the high end of our price range and costs double what our current place does
  • We will need to actually move all of our furniture and belongings into it ourselves

Overall, I do think it’s plain that it’s an upgrade and a good choice, for us. I’m looking forward to starting to pack and to donating things that I don’t really need anymore. I know, for instance, that I have a lot of craft stuff that won’t be coming with me. Also, some school books and supplies, a bunch of cookware, some clothes and bedding, and god only knows what else that’s at the back of the closet.

Now, in order to help make up some of the moving costs and the difference in rent, I’ll be going back to working part time at the call center in addition to working at the hospital. It’s not something that I must do, but it will definitely help and lets us continue to save money back. In fact, I actually need to leave this post here, because I’ll be putting in two and a half hours at the call center this morning/afternoon.

More to come regarding our adventure in moving, later!