I passed the NCLEX-RN. I am now a registered nurse in the state of Florida.

To celebrate, I bought ice-cream from a local shop that’s basically heaven-on-earth as long as you’re not lactose intolerant and like ice-cream. My choice was peanut butter ice-cream with peanut butter cups and cheesecake pieces. Success was sweet, no doubt.

Now that I know I passed the NCLEX-RN, I’m finding myself more able to reflect on the test itself. Of course, upon pain of death, discussing test items is strictly prohibited. Honestly, I can’t say I actually remember any of the questions. I was so nervous, taking the exam, that it really does feel like a dream, in retrospect.

The test itself can have anywhere from 75 to 265 questions. Mine shut off at 75.

I knew that either meant I completely failed it or completely aced it.

Because I took the test on a Friday, I didn’t get my results until this afternoon. I paid about $8.00 to get them early, because I couldn’t stand waiting until tomorrow. After 48 hours of being certain I failed and wondering how I was going to study for a second attempt and being depressed over losing out on the offer for the oncology position I wanted . . . seeing the word PASS on my results page made me giggle maniacally.

Now, I’m having a celebratory beer and mac n’ cheese.

Mac n’ cheese is my favorite.

Tomorrow, I’ll create a proper post or maybe even two. Whist trying to kill time today, I completely cleared out and organized my closet/dresser. I donated a very large trash-bag worth of clothes. I think it would be fun to do a wardrobe based post and reflect back on it in six months or so, to see what’s changed and what hasn’t. Mainly, because I’ll be making enough to get more clothes and will – hopefully – lose enough weight to get back into some that don’t currently fit me.

Until then; however, I hope everyone enjoys the last hours of this Sunday night.


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