Motivational Monday Marsupial

I grew up mostly shopping at Wal-Mart, but every so often my dad – never my mom – would take my sister and I into K-Mart. I distinctly remember Saturday afternoons spent eating greasy cheese pizza and drinking cokes while shopping K-Mart’s limited food selection and miscellaneous other goods. Like a lot of things from my childhood, K-Mart is now coming to an end. The one in my town will be closed within a couple of months and this means that they are having massive sales.

With this in mind, my SO and I went to K-Mart last weekend with one intention.

We needed to pick out and purchase a new comforter for our bed.

This was long overdue, because we’ve lived together for three years and never done this one thing. We were successful in finding one – thought it took a bit of compromising.

I did; however, find something far more important. You see, K-Mart still has 50-cent machines that sell stickers. On a whim, I shuffled stuff around in my back-pack until I found two quarters, which I then fed to the machine, whilst giggling like a five year old.

In exchange for a mere fifty cents, I got . . . this.


It now lives on my desk, at work.

I’ve named him Alfred.


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