17/52 – Successful Adulting

There is a meme of sorts that has been floating around on the internet for quite a while now. It’s something to the effect of finding yourself in an uncomfortable or stressful situation and realizing, abruptly, that you are the adult in the situation . . . but then looking around for an, “adultier adult, someone better at adulting.”

I had somewhat of a misadventure in the course of my adulting a week (or was it two weeks?) ago. I accidentally made less than the minimum monthly payment for my health insurance for three months in a row, which caused it to be canceled. Understandable. In today’s society, you rarely get something for nothing and I completely understood why it was canceled . . . even when the missing portion only amounted to three dollars. After all, one can be arrested for stealing an .89c candy bar.

That said, I had a few options – doing nothing, doing something, or calling my mom (an adultier adult than myself).

I did two somethings. I called to see if I could get it reinstated by making up the balance owed and I created a contingency plan in the event that I could not. I left home on Saturday at noon to go to a concert with my mom and my sister, not getting back until one in the morning. When I woke up the next day, after my Other had already left for work, I found that an envelope from my health insurance company had arrived and was sitting on “my” side of the couch along with another letter for me.

I did not procrastinate and practically tore into the envelope.

The news was good. My insurance will be reinstated, pending I get my account properly up to date. What’s more is that the lapse won’t show on my account and I will thus not be fined the tax credit.

I consider that a moment of successful adulting.


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