This Week, In Coffee/Six Month Hiatus

Monday: Grande Hot Mocha

Tuesday: Tall Iced Vanilla Latte

Wednesday: Tall Hot Mocha

Thursday: Tall Cafe Vanilla Frappe

Friday: Grande Cafe Vanilla Frappe . . . with an extra shot.


When I started school in April, I had every intention of still blogging.

Well, intentions are like salt water when a man is drowning.

I was going somewhere with that, but now I don’t remember what my point was.


It’s been just over six months since I started school and I’m not the same person I was when I started. I’m a little more “together,” a little more confident, a little more assertive. And a lot sleepier. I drink a lot more coffee and energy drinks these days.I spend essentially no time watching television. I wake up at 6:00 A.M. and go to sleep by midnight – if I’m lucky. I laugh at the way I used to perceive being busy and stressed out.

But I haven’t failed yet. And – according to the people closest to me – I am doing well.

I’ve passed two quarters and my third starts on Monday. That’s a little daunting, but I’m ignoring that. (If you ignore being daunted, does it make you dauntless? I don’t know.)

I have a 3.34 GPA and that’s the culmination of 29 credits, five A’s, and two B’s.

I’m not thrilled, with the B’s. But I am accepting of them and am on the honor role. I did not quit my job. I am still working full-time at the call center whilst juggling school and life. It’s Friday morning and I already have 38.75 hours. Everything past 10:15 this morning will be overtime for me. Which is nice, seeing as my SO and I are trying to pay off $4,300 worth of credit card use by Christmas, so I can quit working.


Life, in general, is going well. My SO – my owner, my roommate, the source of 75% of my headaches, but far more of my smiles – has been more understanding and helpful than I’ve any right to expect. Not to say he doesn’t still break my heart on occasion, but he cooks dinner for us almost every night and is always there to let me cuddle up at night.

D – the one who actually encouraged me to start school – is dropping out/failing out. Harley got fired, but is now making donuts. Brick and Rose bought a house and are expecting a baby in January. My sister enrolled in the community college. My parents bought a new car. Dad got a girlfriend and then broke up with her.

And so it keeps moving right along.



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