A Found Receipt

I came across a Publix receipt whilst finishing my cleaning up of the living room. Usually, I save receipts to scan them into the Receipt Hog and Ibotta applications on my phone, but this one escaped me sometime during the middle of the week, because it was a trip that my SO made to the grocery store on his own and he just put the receipt in a pile with some other paperwork that included mail and his doctor appointment cards.

It made me giggle, because some of the things on the list would have been purchased by either of us, but some of them are very distinctly his choices and not mine, or ours.

 Meat: Meatloaf (the ready-made kind from the deli . . . we ate that for dinner, last night)  Fruits/Veggies: White grapes, two boxes of organic strawberries, watermelon chunks  Liquids: 2% Milk, Orange Juice, Raspberry Lemonade, Cocoa mix (all him!)  Fridgeables: Pickles and olives (him), chunky applesauce (also him), sliced cheese  Pantry: Poptarts (blueberry for him, wild berry for me), cheese danish, chicken noodle and beef and veggie soups (four cans – all him), Hershey chocolate syrup

I would not have bothered getting the meatloaf, because of the price compared to the quantity, though it was pretty tasty. I don’t really like watermelon, but would have gotten them for him. All of the fluids are things I don’t drink – though I do use milk for cooking. I don’t like pickles or olives, usually, but will put olives in pastas. I love apples, but hate applesauce. The sliced cheese gets used for grilled cheese sandwiches and bologna and cheese sandwiches. I don’t tend to buy poptarts, because of how many better breakfast choices there are, but they work in a pinch. The cheese danish is delicious. I don’t like canned soup, but he’s been sick and can keep it down. The chocolate syrup gets put on ice cream and in chocolate milk, for him.

Over all, I would have made different choices! I don’t even like to shop at Publix, personally. But that’s okay. Because he doesn’t like some of my grocery shopping choices.

Like my insistence that yes, we really do need five different flavors of yogurt in the fridge.



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